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October 23, 2013


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*Update 11/21/13*

Only one day left for The Protectorate Wars art book kickstarter guys!
We're also only $72 away from a stretch goal to add 10 more pages to the book (going up to 110). Not much left to say other than my continued thanks for all the support you've shown so far. Now to wait and see what we end up with.

*Update 11/14/13*

Just hit 100% funding! Time to start gearing up for full production.
There are still 8 days left in the campaign however, so there's still room to raise more funding. Every additional $1000 in funding will add 10 pages to the book.
Go pledge and share!…

Another reminder to all existing backers. If you've previously pledged $5, $12, or, $15 (Transmission Interception, Hot Dropped Marine, and Hardened Marine options), you can increase your pledge by $2 to add the Elemental 30 page side booklet to your rewards.

Thank you everyone for your support so far. You asked for a Rangers book and now you've made it happen. It wouldn't be possible without your help. I think this is going to kick off a lot of new things for the Rangers Project, this book is just the first step.

*Update 11/11/13*

Getting close! We passed 80% funding today. The pace is trending toward $6000 in funding which will add 10 pages to the book (making it 110 pages), but if there's a strong showing for the remaining time adding 20 or 30 pages is very achievable.

I recently added the option of an Elemental specific art book to go alongside the main book. It's going to start at 30 pages and contain mostly existing art, but it will have a few new bits not posted in my DA gallery.  For all you fans of my Elemental design, this should be an easy choice.
How to get this add-on?
If you've backed between $5 to $15 (Transmission Interception, Hot Dropped Marine, and Hardened Marine packages) you just have to add $2 extra to your pledge and it's yours.
If you've backed one of the higher options ($35 or more, or have already over-pledged on a lower tier) you automatically get the Elemental booklet for free.

Lets make this a strong finish. If you have yet to share this project with your friends, a share on FB or a journal on DA goes a long way. You might even consider sharing it again if it's been a few weeks, reminding our fellow procrastinators that time is running out :)

Thanks again to everyone for their support, toward the finish line we go!

*Update 10/29/13*

As predicted the pledge option to help me design a solider for the art book is going fast, there is only a SINGLE unit left of this. Mech/vehicle and ship design opportunities are still fairly available, and full painting options will allow you to pick soldiers to a degree, though at a higher cost.
So this is a heads up, if you planned to grab a Specialist Solider package, get it fast.

We've passed the 40% funded mark today, and the funding pace has been picking up all on it's own. I've just gotten settled into my new place, so I'll be able to raise my efforts back up. I'll keep you all posted, and if you have any questions about the book, please ask.

*Update 10/25/13*

20% funded in the first 24 hours! Good job guys, that was impressive. The pace is falling off a bit however, and we'll need to maintain a good pace in order to hit a level of funding to really grow this book into something epic. I'm really counting on you watchers here on DA, I wouldn't be doing this book if it wasn't for all your encouragement, so now is the time to throw in your pledge if you really want to see this succeed (remember even a $1 pledge helps).

For those waiting for a print edition, this kickstarter is the first stage of that eventuality. This digital edition must be completed first, with work starting right after to ready it for printing.
My previous polls indicated the price point for a print book would be $40. Under my current plan that will be the combined cost, as I should be able to get the print down to $25. So you don't need to worry about pledging now costing you more. On the contrary, pledging now is critical to getting to that print book, and every bit of funding above my basic goals will result in that book being expanded.
Additionally, I'll be doing my very best to make sure that original digital backers gain extra perks when the print kickstarter is run.

I hop on a plane tomorrow, and the day after I assemble my new computer, back to full publicity mode then.
Thanks again to everyone who has been pledging and sharing the news around. keep it up.


The Kickstarter page is here:…

This digital art book will be 100 pages (or more) of artwork and fiction in the Rangers project setting. Featuring lots of the military gear you already see me posting on DA, but also a great variety of other things that I've yet to illustrate. For those always asking for more info on the setting, this is it right here. The text in the book will give you a broader and more in depth look at the universe that ever before, detailing out all the factions involved, and the star systems they control.

Go pledge now to fund the digital book and join in on the production process.
Many special rewards have limited quantities, so get in fast if you see an option you like. This includes and $12 early bird special for buying the final digital book, and multiple options for having me design something from your ideas to be included in the book.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the project so far, and a big thanks to all contributions and support to come.
Here's an important part, I need all the help I can get to spread the word on this project! Sharing this news with your friends though DA journals, FB shares, and Tweets would be greatly appreciated. You can also Favorite this journal (yeah, that's a thing), if it gets enough favs it might get a little spotlight on DA :)
More funding is going to result in a larger book. The starting goal is for 100 pages, but I'd like to go bigger, provided the funding is there.

Here are some helpful link.
Again, the kickstarter page:…
The Rangers Project Facebook:…
Protectore Wars writer Enrique Castro:…<br / />For the Twitter junkies: @ShimmeringSword
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azeemb Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013
well done :aww:
Shimmering-Sword Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
thriethetiger Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2013

This is one kickstarter I wish I could participate in. Just dropped $3k on dental work so I lost my chance to help out. T.T  That elemental pledge looks so damn delicious. You! I'm keeping an eye on. Especially on your future work :D
Shimmering-Sword Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Lots of art to come, and more opportunities to buy in.
PortableDrawer Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Congratulations :)
Shimmering-Sword Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
PortableDrawer Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Crap receive some news from kickstarter that is something with the transaction, so I have to use another way to pay. Hope I got enough time to doit :P
Shimmering-Sword Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I think you have a week.
PortableDrawer Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ok thanks but I manage to pledge successfully :D Cant wait for it and thanks for the great product in the near future
Sentinel373 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
congrats man! just a few more hours here's to hoping you make it to the first stretch goal.
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