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December 16, 2012
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Battletech - Experimental Marauder by Shimmering-Sword Battletech - Experimental Marauder by Shimmering-Sword
I noticed Catalyst has finally released the XTRO: Succession Wars ebook. My work on the book was finished over half a year ago but I had to sit on the art while it's release was delayed.

Here it is though and I'm excited to show it, a Marauder design that I collaborated on with Matt Plog. Turns out Catalyst was trying to redesign a marauder at the very same time I was publicly redesigning it, when they saw what I had done they pulled me in to help out. After we got the design nailed down Matt plog whipped up some great TRO line art of it and I came up with this painting, which turned out to be used as the cover.

Shown, a Free Worlds League Marauder-4X 75ton heavy mech going through live fire trials on the Ronin Inc testing fields. It uses special cooling jackets around it's blazers to keep heat in check.
2 Binary Laser Cannons
2 Short Range Missile 6's


Thanks to ^3wyl and ^alltheoriginalnames for the DD. I'd like to again give a shout out to ~mattPLOG for the fun collaboration on this design. He's a great battletech artist.
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Daily Deviation

Given 2013-01-05
First of all: Wow, hats off.

Alright, down to specifics. The upper torso area is by far the strongest part of the design. It's what I first noticed, and it's also what I remember the clearest. This area is what makes the mech really look like a Marauder, because, frankly, the rest just screams Timberwolf (Mad-Cat) which is not so strange if one thinks about it.
At first, I did not care for the weapon arms much, until I looked up what those binary lasers are, and no the design makes more sense. Now it really looks like one of those old Blazer guns from the pen and paper Mechwarrior RPG
Arguably, the only weak part of the design is the crotch area, which is essentially a box. It serves it's function well, but beyond simple functionality, it seems to stylistically clash with the curved, heavily slopped upper body.

Overall, it's a fantastic redesign for a long missed battlemech. I'd love to see this treatment for the other Unseen mechs. With some luck PGI will eventually ask for permission to add them to Mechwarrior Online! They could even have a year of the Unseen ;)
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At the risk of decapitation, I'm going to say now that I never liked the orginal Marauder. Now don't get me wrong; the Glaug/Offler's Pod/whatever looks cool, but it was just too 'alien' for the rest of the Battletech universe's design asthetic.

This one, however, blows it out of the water. You've retained all the elements that made the original work so well; the chicken-walker legs, the blocky arm-pods and the bird-like torso. What you've added compliments those elements; the "bubble" canopy and the chin intakes especially work well for it. From an asthetic viewpoint there's nothing not to love.

The posing adds to that, being rather dynamic and active, giving a great feel of motion, especially with the weapons fire going off all around it. The colours are also good; Marik Purple is a nice touch, but what really gets me is the combination of grey and warning strips which adds to the "prototype" feel.

All in all, awesomeness.
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stacielavis Jan 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Outstanding detailing and composition. I wish I did this.
Ahrrhd Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice work!
Reminds me of the Warhammer 40,000 TITANS!!!! Still epic though. love it.
Wow! Nice!
Congratulations to your DD!

Are you going to make a picture with a Super Nova or Bushwacker some day? :)
storm-bunny Dec 18, 2012  Student Digital Artist
that's the way to roll :) Love the paint job on the mech :D Very nice design. Great painting.
Its a computer game...

Google images...
too much awesomeness in one pic!! :D
Oh, that's why I've seen this before.

Loved it the first time, love it now.
Marauders 4 lyfe
Mec warrior style! :)
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