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June 25, 2009
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Await the Sniper by Shimmering-Sword Await the Sniper by Shimmering-Sword
Finally done with it, here you go ladies and gents.
While I want to call this piece a study, I can't deny I just like drawing my stuff too :D

A spec-ops Ranger set up in a tight room, ready to pop some heads with his armor defeater rifle.
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This is my first critique on DA and I hope you take it as a sincere appreciation of your art. The image itself brought me to look at it in more detail, so the composition and the idea gives it a very high value in my book for originality, vision and impact.

On technique, I gave you a slightly lower mark just because the proportions of the lower right leg and boot brought my attention to them immediately... They just felt wrong. I would expect the lower leg to have similar dimensions to the upper leg. I have tried to reconcile the length to a different position than the one evocative by the foot position but I just can't. The boot itself seems to have been placed as an afterthought, a little more detail on it could have given it more realism. I believe you were faced with limitations in the composition spacing between the hole in the wall and the back wall where your sniper is resting. Perhaps you could have tried playing with the position of the leg to account for this situation. Or perhaps moving the hole in the wall a bit more to the right, increasing the length of the rifle barrel and fixing the length of the lower leg. I would have loved to see the flexing of the boot's tip against the wall to show more detail and realism in this section of the painting.

The work on shadows and lights was very effective and helps develop the ambiance. Your painting technique evokes a type of retro postcard art... "Postcard from the edge" seems like the right theme here... "Reach out and touch someone" could be another.

I read all the comments and found it interesting that no one noticed that you drew a left handed sniper! The right hand is seen holding the front of the rifle for stability and the rifle's butt is seen resting on the sniper's left shoulder. I was initially missing the trusty handgun until I realized that being a lefty it would be on the sniper's left hip holder. Have to ask if these details were done purposefully.

I'm curious about the cylindrical canisters on the right leg's hip holder. What should these be? I see the position makes perfect sense if you want to access them quickly, assuming they are set tight inside the pouch and that the pouch has a cover to prevent the cylinders from falling while the sniper is running. And it seems plausible that the section in front of it (to the right of the cylinder case) is the cover that was flipped open to access them. I just realized that these canisters could be food rations to be ingested through a port on the helmet. They might fit the circular port on the right side of the helmet below the three ocular lenses.

I guess the cylinder that has been identified as a battery pack would serve all the gizmos inside that nasty looking helmet, since I don't see an exoskeleton or would expect it to be powered by something that small. It could also be the environmental control that keeps the sniper cool under that helmet. I would suggest a cylinder that provides oxygen for the rebreather unit that not only provides comfort but protects him from chemical warfare. Perhaps to include as well a unit that condenses the soldiers sweat, filters it and provides drinking water for long duration missions.

I greatly appreciate your artistry and the idea you brought up in this painting. I love the scifi war genre and your work succeeds in bringing the spectator to this place you created and to delve in the possibilities of your creation.

Thanks for sharing this world you are creating with us.
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First off, there is no way I can compete with PitirreSangriento's critique; good job man.
I liked how the scope of the rifle had a close-mid range sight on it, just in case. I am wondering about what that case on the shooter's back is. Probably a powering unit, When I first saw it I thought it might be an ammunition container but that only works with chain-guns. I noticed the small SMG or bull-pup assault rifle on the floor. It has a lightly flatter coloring than the rest of the picture, which makes my think is was added in as a last minute thing. Overall it is a excellence picture with some nice shading that gives you the impression that the hole int he wall is the only light with another hole in the ceiling.
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CanRay Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014
"Camper!"  "It's a legitimate strategy."  =P
WFTC141 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014
Psycho4140 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good job! I would love to bring this character to life :D
Wolf-of-the-West Featured By Owner May 8, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Really well done: fantastic job!
StretchTagger Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014
such an awesome work i am using this as inspiration.
i like the way he or she looks like their head is a bit too big because of the helmet and the armor looks great, authentic great gun design as well.
just one thing that irks me and if you've been hunting with a long rifle before you wouldn't know so i don't blame you but the position he/she is sitting in couldnt be maintained and fired accurately from. Not by me anyway and i have hunted with a few guys who found it difficult to find a position to wait and then shoot from. however as i said i have nothing but respect for this picture and your talent that you have made for yourself, well done.
Shimmering-Sword Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
The suit he's wearing can lock itself for the sake of accurate fire, so instead of having to hold yourself up, it could be like resting on a "shooting bench" form fitted to your body. He's got his back, butt, and feet grounded so I think he's plenty stable. The real issue with the positioning is that you're supposed to fire a distance back from your opening, as to not reveal your flash. That's something that didn't cross my mind when I did this piece forever ago :D
StretchTagger Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014
oh cool idea is that real or like a sci-fi invention.
i haven't hunted from a building before so i don't know about the flash at the window.
but generally when i am hunting its too late for them to see the flash
but if you were shooting at multiple enemies i suppose its best if they don't realize. 
i wondered why he didn't have a suppressor but i realized you were already pressed for space and the suppressor might affect the accuracy of the armor defeater rifle.
oh i meant to ask i don't know much about assault rifles or sub machine guns but i haven't come across a weapon like that fires a 50.
Shimmering-Sword Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
There are weapons like the Beowulf 50 that fit a short 50cal round into a carbine size gun.
StretchTagger Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014
oh strange i bet the recoil is ridiculous
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