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May 29, 2010
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Adapted Rifle Variants by Shimmering-Sword Adapted Rifle Variants by Shimmering-Sword
Had these first 4 variants sitting around all week, but I got hit by strep throat before I could post em or do any more.

Battle Rifle - The most used setup, though many operators will make alterations to this base. Accurate and heavy hitting.

Integrated Sniper - This rifles scope employs many imaging modes to aid the shooter, providing an always able platform to land rounds on target.

Special Operations - A smaller, more silenceable round is often used. The enclosed carrier assembly can be baffled to further reduce noise. Additional equipment is attached as needed.

Sidearm - A very specific use weapon. This cut down variant is used by anti-armor snipers looking for a backup weapon that can still bring the hurt to infantry threats.
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OberstJurten Feb 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hmm... I've been watching you for years and always found this to be possibly my most favorite gun design and now as of Shot Show, there's actually a multi-caliber forward ejecting bullpup rifle being made by a company called Desert Tech, called the MDR… looks quite similar I think.
Today's cartridge if these weapons were made today:
Battle rifle: 7.62X.51mm/ .308 Winchester
ISS: .50 BMG
Carbine: 5.56X.45mm/ .223 Remington
PDW: 5.56x.45mm/ 9mm/ .45 ACP

Today's cartridge if these were made in the future:
In response, I'd like to make some kind adjustments...

Squad DMR: 7.62x54r or .308
Sniper System: .338 Lapua
PDW: .45 ACP

Plasma isn't a viable "cartridge" seeing how if it were to implemented, you'd have to find ways to solve the slow velocity at which it would be fired at, as well as ensuring that it didn't cool as soon as it left the barrel. In addition, Plasma wouldn't be life threatening, only burning through the top layer of armor or such, just as lasers would. Today's projectiles are still in use because they kill the things that they penetrate, rather than give them minor burns or not even that.
I was thinking of elysium at that time. Still its awesome!!
You know, I just noticed this but the Spec Ops Carbine and the PDW variants seem to have a different magazine than the Battle Rifle and Sniper Rifle variants. Does this mean they use a different sized round as well?
True...though I figure that since these weapons are used in a futuristic world that improvements to technology such as powered armor, recoil reducing components, and the like would make the recoil from a 7.62x51 NATO firing weapon far more managable than it would be today. But you're right, in a modern setting a PDW firing the 7.62 NATO would have some pretty bad recoil.
Shimmering-Sword May 7, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Yep, the full size caliber is very large, so the smaller ones would be coming down a bit but still up there by todays standards.
Ah. So while the full sized rifles use .338 magnum rounds(I remember that you mentioned this in the comments), the smaller carbine and PDWs might use something like 7.62 NATO or the like. Good stuff.
the smaller carbines and the PDW's will be overpowered and difficult to handle if they use that. The 7.62x51 NATO is a powerful round.
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